Rapid Player Motion

We help athletes, coaches, sports organizations and teaching professionals think and use video differently; changing the way physical performance is learned, assessed, taught and priced. Our passion for sports, technology innovation and deep industry expertise comes together to educate, empower and guide our clients and embodies the future of coaching and education technology. Our model is that trust will come from mutual success. It’s a big vision with grand implications.

The Story behind LAXrpm

Helping Student-Athletes Use Highlights to STANDOUT in the Recruiting Process

Based out of Atlanta, was formed five years ago by Rapid Player Motion parents and coaches of high school and college lacrosse players committed to lowering the cost of creating and maintaining highlights. We are a hidden champion for lacrosse families and our dedicated purpose is providing student-athletes with sound and effective guidance as they select and prepare highlights for college coaches. Our core aim is to position LAXrpm at the forefront of video-editing options for lacrosse families.