“Traditional film companies were more of a one-off process than what LAXrpm is offering.
Paying one price for the service that lasts his entire high school career was great. The coaches who looked at the film thought it was well done, captured the right information and presented it in a quick and easy way for them to get what they needed from it and to do it quickly. Neal – lacrosse dad

“Dear, LAXrpm, Without a doubt, you were a big part in my son Eric being looked at by College Coaches! Your video services are a step above what is out there. The quality and attention to detail you provide separates you from the others. The cost is more than reasonable.
I would highly recommend using your services to any parent or kid that wants to get a look by colleges as their high school lacrosse career progresses! Thanks again” Greg – lacrosse dad

“Burt Weller and LAXrpm have been an indispensable member of my son’s team in the lacrosse recruiting process. All of our questions have been answered in a timely manner and all work regarding video work has been turned around in timely fashion. The service Rapid Player Motion provides is one of the few remaining values I have found in the lacrosse recruiting industry. My son creates a new highlight video 2 to 3 times per year. They provide a great product at a terrific price. I highly recommend Burt and LAXrpm.” Doug – lacrosse dad

“Burt has provided valuable direction and support for Kyle as he progresses in his Lacrosse journey. His responsiveness, honesty and willingness to help is unmatched. Burt has great insight regarding what coaches want to see and how best to present your athlete. Very easy to work with and outstanding results.” Andrea – lacrosse mom

“We were introduced to Burt and Laxrpm at the 2015 Faceoff Academy National Showcase. Since then, Burt has compiled quality highlight videos that showcase Logan’s talent on the field. Burt quickly compiles the film and is super easy to work with for changes and additions to produce a quality end product. Highlight film is essential for talented kids in underrepresented regions to be seen by coaches. For just one low price, RPM will compile unlimited film throughout your athlete’s recruiting; that by itself is reason enough to use RPM. If you have a son or daughter who wants to play at the next level, use RPM to help you with that process. You will not be disappointed.” Shana – lacrosse mom

“What a terrific experience I had with LAXrpm. I have been filming my son’s games in an attempt to send highlights to potential college coaches. I would have spent hours putting this together and ended up with an amateur video. Instead I received a professional product that college coaches have noticed and responded to…..all from my raw video clips. What is great about it is that the finished product was produced promptly, all our changes and updates were done quickly and I paid one price. There were no hidden or new costs. If you want a truly professional video I would highly recommend you work with LAXrpm. You will be glad you did.” Lee – lacrosse dad