A New Way to lower the cost of Highlights and “keep-up”

LAXrpm is committed to lowering the cost of highlights and reducing the time and challenges involved in publishing updates. Going into our 7th year, we continue to team with lacrosse families and provide resources and guidance in addition to “on-demand” highlight editing to develop effective player/coach communications and “Stand-Out” with college coaches. We know that lacrosse is a skills game and big leaps are made by your player at all stages of their development. Highlights as a Service delivers on three areas for improving player/coach communications:

  • Effective use of highlights to “Stand Out”
  • Written coach communications such as emails and resume
  • Verbal coach communications
  • Our industry first approach is “pay one-time” for highlight edits and receive continuous coverage from 8th through High School graduation. Its pretty straight forward, but since this is not typically how highlights are priced, we do expect a few raised eyebrows.

  • Unlimited highlight and profile edits
  • Customized playlists for target colleges
  • Online managed highlights library
  • We continue to look for ways to help the lacrosse players. The idea and purpose behind LAXrpm remains as a grand vision with even more value and implications for the lacrosse community. It helps that RPM’s founder was a lacrosse dad, coach, engineer, entrepreneur and problem solver. We know that traditional highlight videos cost to much and are restrictive around changes and edits; you’re not typically in control of the process. Our internal processing, workflow and technology work together to lower our cost to produce highlight for your player.

    Service Overview

  • Unlimited edits and profile changes
  • Back-up of high school and tournament game film
  • On-line highlights library
  • Professional Title Card
  • Smooth transitions
  • Isolation effects, team/club logo, event text, captions
  • Highlights Download
  • We work with all video, no matter the source and format. No prior editing or formatting of video. We back-up and store all video you send us, including tournament game film.

  • Hudl, Krossover
  • YouTube
  • Tournament Game Links
  • Self filmed
  • Videos are published on a format called Media Book and stored in a private collection on RPM TV. A player has a choice of sending college coaches a link for each Media Book once its completed or sending a single link to the collection that won’t change each time a Media Book is added to the library.

    The library approach is popular because the Media Books can be shorter in length and specific to a major tournament, season, position, playing system, etc. Coaches can check in periodically to see what’s been added and use their limited time to catch-up on a player. A great example of this would be to include another sports highlights like football.

    A few publishing options are available depending on the player preference. All highlights are published to Media Books and a single file YouTube version. We publish to our YouTube channel and/or send the video file for self-publishing to other sites like Lacrosse Recruits, Captain U, college recruiting websites, etc.
    You pay one time for the Highlights Service providing year-round coverage through high school graduation.

  • $395 8th, Freshman and Sophomore
  • $350 Junior and Senior
  • We expect that you might have questions, and welcome your call or email. Talking with lacrosse parents keeps us connected to the community and understanding your players goals and where they are in the process is important to us. If you would like to get started, let us know with a short call. We don’t process payments on this website, instead we send you an invoice for the one-time service payment.
    Email us at Burt@laxrpm.com or call anytime at 770-241-5912. If we don’t pick up you call, we will call you back within 2 hours. Thank you.