Capture and Present Greatness

A flexible, affordable, comprehensive multi-year video service for aspiring athletes competing for available college scholarships.

Send college coaches a media book ‘video document’ that represents the most up-to-date and relevant version of your highlights, bio and profile, complete with bookmarked comments from your coaches.

A Service Locker provides easy-to-use apps for capturing, exchanging and collaborating on video used to document and showcase the athletic journey.

Over the past 5 years, RPM has helped hundreds of student athletes “stand-out” among their peers and engage college coaches more frequently. Showcase a more balanced representation of ‘who you are’ as a person and as an athlete.

Service Highlights

Get your video to us fast and easy

  • Unedited video of any length and format
  • RPMs Google Drive, ShareFile and/or Dropbox
  • Email – Downloadable links (Hudl, Vimeo, Youtube)
  • RPM filmed games and events
  • Mail DVDs and/or flashdrives (sent back at no additional cost)
  • Capture skills from iPhone/iPad using Dartfish Express-1 click publishing to your service locker
  • Use Dartfish EasyTag on your mobile device to timestamp highlights during a match or game saving hours reviewing film

Always current, available and personal

  • Unlimited additions, formats and changes
  • We adjust clip length, add new clips and remove old clips
  • Keep multiple versions used for personalized presentations to specific colleges
  • Video Bio plays side-by-side with your best highlights
  • Player profile and personalized playing order
  • Player tracking spotlight and club/school logo
  • Label and describe highlights (event, date, etc.)
  • Add coach comments to bookmarked video positions
  • Basic skills breakdown and analysis (optional)

RPM TV Video Exchange Platform

  • Media Books hosted in a private service locker
  • Share your collection or a specific media book using private viewing links
  • Online editing of highlight titles, descriptions and attachments
  • Download individual video highlights or movie version for Youtube
  • Controllable online player

The cost is $350 and includes up to 5 years of service

Working with our Media Specialists

1) Place your order in our store.
2) Send us your playlist by email to Use this suggested format:
June 27th, Team name vs Team name

      • 13:15 – 19:30 Mike slides early on a fast break attack
      • 28:40 – 37:42 Mike has forced takeaway and scores
      • etc. etc. etc.

July 14th, Team name vs Team name

      • 27:15 – 38:30 Mike creates a forced turnover, picks up gb and clears
      • 45:40 – 50:42 Mike slides on man down
      • etc. etc. etc.

3) Mail DVDs to:
Rapid Player Motion
2264 Remington Court NE
Marietta, GA 30066

Showcase Media Book in Video Service Locker

Obstacles that prevent you from successfully using video in your programs have been eliminated. Video feedback will improve attention, motivation and enjoyment to students with different learning styles, leading to improved learning, improvement and student retention. Ready to learn more ?
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