Send us an email or give us a call to get started. A media specialist will gather some basic information and send you the Getting Started email.

Game Film Sources

We work with all video formats and online platforms. For High School Hudl and Krossover accounts, we need the coach to set-up a temporary assistant coach login to access and download raw game film. Our media specialists use the players account login to locate bookmarked and indexed highlights.

When you receive tournament game links, forward the email so we can download and store a copy. Video stored on a PC can be sent using any number of methods, whatever you’re comfortable using. We might suggest dropbox, Google Drive or a free file transfer program. You won’t need to edit, convert or format any files before sending them to us.


Watch the game footage and take notes of what plays you want to include and write the time on the track when you see it. Use the Player Resource section as guidance on what to include.

Email the tournament info, your team name, jersey #, position and opposing team name. You just have to get close on the time to quickly guide us to the plays. You don’t need to include stop times, we will know when to stop the play. We can add length or shorten a clip during the review phase. For each tournament/game, be sure to include:

  • Opposing team name
  • Jersey #
  • Position
  • Student-Athlete Profile

    Coaches will need to evaluate you as a prospect, from transcripts and test scores to athletic stats and accolades. Most of this information is not required at the beginning of a highlight video and should be available in written or uploaded transcripts and profiles:

    • Non-uniformed picture (waist or shoulder up)
    • Action image (optional)
    • Academic (GPA and test scores if available)
    • Athletic Honors
    • Personal/Stats (if available)
    • Dominate Hand (only include if left-handed
    • Multi-sport info
    • Team/Club information
    • Coach contact info
    • Upcoming tournament schedule
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